Things I never thought I’d say before becoming a mom…

Hi there! My name is Charity. I started this blog to be more cathartic. However, after I wrote my first post and I realized that while it was therapeutic, it was extremely personal, and I decided not to share it right away. That was a few years ago. Since then I haven’t added anything new. Here I am two children later and I fill my Facebook with quotes and funny moments in my day about my kids. 

My name is Charity, which means love. I have always referred to 1 Corinthians 13 as a guide to how I should act however, as a mom, it makes more sense now than ever. Often days of feeling spread too thin and yet still needing to do more. Wanting to spend time with my children but, wanting them to live in a neat house with home cooked meals. Then again, who wants to sit in the house when there’s a whole world to discover? Everyday is different and I keep trucking forward 1hour at a time. Needless to say, through my children I am able to actively practice the true meaning of the phrase “Charity is” and 1 Corinthians 13 (as I’m sure many of us are).  


As I close out this post I will leave you with the understanding that motherhood challenges us everyday, to rise above our circumstances and be the best us despite the distractions. To continue to push through our short comings and even to find time to remember us, in order to be better for them. Due to my daily escapades, I have realized that I have began to compile an incomplete list of things I never thought I’d say see or do. Since having children, I now understand that, nothing is off limits or far fetched, to my dismay. So let me share the things that make me laugh and I hope you’ll share with me as well; because no matter how alone we may feel, we’re really not and someone else is going through it too.

Things I never thought I’d say, see or do before kids:

  • “Don’t put your booger on my boob”
  • “Did poop touch my hand?”
  • “Don’t touch poop!”
  • “Did you stand there and pee on my bed?”
  • see my house this messy
  • “Let’s buy a van”
  • Learn to function in continual caos
  • Have someone grab my last bite of food while smiling sheepishly as they put it in their mouth and then hop away without a word
  • Go days without talking to an adult other than my husband
  • Wake up before 9am, 7 days a week! Even when I’m not working
  • Put my kids in extracurricular activities so that I could meet new people (the joys of a small town)
  • Shout “yea, good job!” when someone used the bathroom
  • Have someone shout “yea, good job!” when I use the bathroom
  • See the day someone squeezed my breast so that they could “help” their sister “eat”
  • Start to understand my mom
  • Have cyber mommy friends I can’t wait to talk to and drink with 
  • See my child eat off of the floor and turn my head (is it the 3,10 or 20 second rule?)
  • “Don’t eat the dog food”
  • Not freak out when I see my child eating a handful of dog food (yes it was becoming normal at one point).
  • Hear my husband sing the theme song to all of the Disney shows under his breath
  • Discuss the color and texture of baby poop
  • “This is the hardest job I’ve ever done”
  • I didn’t think I’d love them as much as I do, even though I’m usually screaming for a break
  • “Don’t take off your sister’s diaper”
  • “Don’t eat your booger”
  • “Your sister’s arm doesn’t bend that way”
  • “Oh Shit, there’s shit in the tub!”
  • Experience “love” different than I ever have before

8 thoughts on “Things I never thought I’d say before becoming a mom…

  1. quinnehenderson

    Being a mother is a very hard job. My second child will be born any day now and then I’ll have two kids under two. My son is already a handful and I’ve also said a couple of the things on your list. Kids do the darnest things but you love them still either way. How many children do you have?

      • quinnehenderson

        Aw that’s so beautiful. I know that can be very tough. I’m a stay at home wife/mother so all I am around is my 1 year old and we are still waiting on the new one to arrive. Was it really tough at the beginning when your 7 month old was just a new born and you had a toddler already?

      • charityis

        For me, in the beginning was rough. Our 2, soon to be 3 year old Ladybug, was delivered premature because I had preeclampsia. Once she was born and approved to go home, 10days later, we had to adjust to the change. We eventually found our rhythm. Two children, on the other hand, is a game changer. It takes time to get a schedule. I literally had a day where they alternated their nap times, nothing was accomplished. Then my newest little one, Dove, is completely opposite down to the smallest detail. Ladybug was bottle fed, Dove is breastfed. Ladybug was a serious baby until one day she laughed. Dove came out smiling. To answer your question, it is hard. I try to have alone time with them individually. I think Ladybug tries to get attention and that’s when she acts up and makes it harder. She is just now starting to be more helpful because she can entertain Dove and Dove responds to what she does. They will laugh at one another for a good hour.

  2. $adity ¢ents

    This was a beautiful post. I think women are so underrated at how much they can accomplish and how much they can put up with, without ever thinking of themselves. Can’t wait for more.

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