Free Me!!! Time

So free time, is very important. Yet it’s better said than done. Just last Friday (after a quick and easy work day) I went to a friend’s house for mimosas, came home to the kids in bed, my house cleaned and vacuumed, and dinner on the stove. So I ran myself a bath and soaked up the silence. I then caught up on my favorite shows and actually did my hair for the next day, since I knew I would be able to sleep in…says no mom ever! 

Actually what happened was after the longest day ever at work I made plans to go to a friends and drink mimosas. As I was leaving work I remembered my husband had an event to work at 7pm. So I went and grabbed the kids and asked my friend if they could tag along, I was due for some conversation and a chance to decompress (if that’s possible with kids in tow). She had no choice but to say, “sure”. After half a glass (I still had to drive home), multiple failed attempts of watching our show, Ladybug continuously refusing food and some girl talk sprinkled in between, my children finally let me know it was way past their bedtime, with whimpering and whining that begged me to put them to sleep. I came home to my messy house (it was either clean or socialize), and realized I should’ve grabbed some of that pizza to go when Ladybug finally proclaimed that she was hungry. She ate a peanut butter and jelly while I ran their bath water. I placed them both in a full tub and put on Dove’s flotation device, so she could “swim” around our garden tub. I replayed my week and suddenly the smell came to me. I might benefit from a bath as well. However, with Dove teething and my husband not home yet, I may not get a moment alone. So yes, I did it…I jumped in too. Amidst Dove floating past me (probably peeing in the tub) and Ladybug drinking and spitting out the bath water, it would’ve been an appropriate time to yell “free me”. However, water has a soothing effect. 

The kids were quiet and smiling and I was able to bath and reflect on my little dose of girl time!! Well kind-of-sorta girl time. I realized at that moment that it might be a good idea to actually pen in some time to myself or to be myself, outside of the roles I have accumulated throughout the years. Sure it’s great to be blessed with a career, a family, friends/acquaintances, a roof over our heads and much more. However beautiful things are discovered in the silence. That includes remembering one’s self. 

“[…]follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:22‬ ‭KJV

 I gathered up my little ones and dropped them in my bed. Who has the energy to conquer and divide these two alone? I didn’t. As we snuggled in, I remembered my hair. Oh who had time to tame that anyways. I promised myself that I would eventually wash the messy bun I call hair because, even co-washing requires a little effort and water. 


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