Moving day!

Well life is always unpredictable with children…however moving was almost impossible! Sure, maybe the holidays wasn’t the best time of year, and having a baby, toddler and dog made it slow torture. For example: I would pack a box and two minutes later Ladybug would have an item from the box in her shopping cart. It did get done, but it also gave me a lot to think of if we ever do this again. Here’s what you need to know about moving with kids.

  1. Movies! This was the sole distraction that left them in one place without moving a single thing, including their muscles. Ideally they won’t be in the house, however we can’t always wait for ideal circumstances. Usually vegging on tv isn’t encouraged, but drastic measures allow a break from routine. Even if you only get one box packed, it’s worth it. Don’t forget this is only a temporary situation.
  2. Have a box marked ESSENTIALS. This should be hand delivered. It should include sheets for beds that will be used, a few outfits and pajamas, pots and pans, can opener and preplanned meals that have everything needed. For example: crockpot chilli, homemade pizza supplies, spaghetti etc. favorite toys, toothbrushes and a washcloth and towel and snacks. There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have anything to eat
  3. Containers find boxes or containers. If you move often you may want to invest in plastic containers. If not check your local community Facebook page, stores or stop by the apartment’s recycle bin for boxes. The less you have to buy is the more money you can use on decorating the new place.
  4. Start early. As soon as you think you’ll be moving, start packing. Worse case scenario, is if you don’t move you will have decluttered some areas.
  5. Pack strategically. Start with the least used rooms (i.e. guest bathrooms and rooms) and end with the most frequently used, the kitchen.
  6. Set a deadline. Set a date to be finished before the actual move out date. That way when you look around and realize you’ll need an all nighters the last day, you’ll realize it’s not the last day.
  7. Prep the children. Let them know you’ll be moving. If possible make a couple trips to the new house. Just like you stop and remember the first steps that they took there, they will realize they will be leaving friends, familiarity and possibly the only home they’ve known.
  8. Hire a maid. Packing is hard enough. If you can’t pay someone to pack, definitely pay them to clean. Trust me, you won’t have the patience or desire to clean.
  9. Take pictures I’m a firm believer in taking pictures before you move in and after you move out…just in case. Take time to reminisce, prepare, to remind yourself if you actually remembered to clean the marker off of the wall, or when you’re shopping for the new place, you can quickly reference the pictures on your phone to see the colors of the walls in the guest room etc.
  10. Plan a fun event Make plans for fun! You’ll need the moment to relax after the stress of packing and before the stress of cleaning, unpacking, and decorating.

All in all, moving is a relentless task, and with children it’s exausting. Hopefully this will help you get it done!


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