Family and 2016 Mother’s Day

Family is like a grab bag. You never know what you’ll be dealt: the reclusive uncle that still lives with his mom, the sweet aunt, the jolly uncle, the cat lady, etcetera. Well today I saw my Grandma, and as usual, it was eventful. 

After a day of taking the whole family to visit with her, we were loaded in the car to leave. My Grandma is the cat lady, along with a few other titles she’s acquired, but I digress. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats and so is my mom and for this reason we keep our distance.  However as we went to leave, my grandmother picked up two of the kittens hanging out by her front door and headed towards the car. I saw her coming and frantically  whispered to my husband, “lock the doors”. 

“What”, he asked confused

“Lock the door!”

My Grandma arrives at the window and yells, “I want to show the girls the kittens”

My mom, who is in the back seat, explains that we’re allergic to cats.  A fact my Grandma should know. This doesn’t seem to mean anything to my persistent Grandmother and we finally agree to roll down the window after relentless coaxing from her. At the sight of the cat my sunshine baby starts crying. This startled Grandma and causes her to drop the kittens and they scatter. The car was in gear ready to leave so, I immediately shout to my husband, “don’t roll, don’t roll!” Grandma joins in frantically as she reaches down for one kitten and the other one scurries into the bushes. I assure her that the other one has made it to safety. Somehow she once again drops the squirmy kitten that she rescued.  The kitten runs to hide under the car and I’m ready to go. I grab a rice cake from the kids’ snack basket and ask my uncle to coax the kitten out. He throws up his hands and walks away, baffled as to why the cats are around in the first place and wanting nothing to do with the strays. In the meantime Grandma is crouched down yelling to my husband not to run over it and also trying to call it. Finally in exasperation I jump out of the car and see that the kitten has ran to the gate, on the other side of the van and is out of harms way. I guide my husband a safe distance away and jump in the car. Love you grandma! Talk to you later! She smiles and waves as she relaxes, she’s checked on her kitten and sees that its safe. We quickly descend the driveway as we yell our goodbyes out of the window and head on our way. We were relieved to have escaped with clear eyes, dry noses and an intact kitten…and that was only our goodbye.

Needless to say, Mother’s Day was a day to remember.


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