Wild Child, Bebe’s Kid, Problem Child, and then there’s MY Child

Children are very observant and uninhibited with commenting on these observations. I am always amazed by the old souls that stay in my house and love to just watch them sometimes. Here are some of my recent moments:

Recently my husband was in a lot of pain and we were back and forth to the hospital trying to figure out the problem. One of these mornings, my Ladybug wore her Minnie mouse costume-dress to school, and with a sick husband I could care less. She also rocked her socks with heels. (I’m actually starting to believing it’s the next fashion trend; she wears it so well.) 

What really got me a couple days ago, was when we were playing at the mall. She seemed to be getting along with this brother/sister team. She smiled at the girl and talked about the play ice cream then turned to her dad and me and rolled her eyes. My mouth dropped. I DO NOT DO THIS?! Maybe her new teacher at school? Is my child the mean girl? No, really she is very sweet. It is evident by how she entertained them and took a break from it  only to show us her true feelings via her expressions.

Finally I have to talk to her like an adult. She needs to understand what’s going to happen in order to not have a melt down or to at least minimize it. For example…

Me: “you have to go to school. Daddy’s sick and I have to take him to the doctor”

Ladybug: “so he’ll be happy again?”

I had no words. He’s been in a lot of pain and she’s noticed. Yeh she glared at me as I left her at daycare/school that day (I mean right through my soul, with no goodbye) but she didn’t cry.

Tell me your moments with your children that made you smile, cry or think. I can’t wait to read them! 



2 thoughts on “Wild Child, Bebe’s Kid, Problem Child, and then there’s MY Child

  1. leswartz

    I was singing Jesus Love the Little Children (routine naptime song) and when we got to the colors she said “green?” and I said yes even green. It made me smile that my daughter didn’t want to leave any colors out 🙂

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