Target Tuesday at the Atlanta Children’s Museum

Update Aug 14, 2017: As of August, new changes have been put into place. You must now register in order to attend Target Tuesday. Registration is opened the Monday before Target Tuesday. It is split into 2 sessions. 1pm-3pm and 3pm-6pm. If there is space available, you may still be able to get in, however it is a first come, first serve and you will have to register at the desk. Each person is allowed a total of 6 tickets (1adult/5 children). For more information click here.

To learn more about what to expect inside, continue to read the 2016 post below.

The Atlanta Children’s Museum is free every second Tuesday from 1pm to 7pm (hours change back to 1-6 after summer). It’s designed for children 0-8 years old. I had braced myself for lines and had planned to be there by 12pm, however, when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised.

This was super easy and so much fun! There weren’t any lines when we arrived at 2pm. I know, we were late but I have to refer to Mommy Fact#1 (aka as MF’s).

MF#1: The goal is no longer to be on time, it’s just to get there.

It was pretty easy and stress free. We did pay for parking across the street, which is determined by the amount of time you’re parked, but there were no lines and even the adults got in free. There was everything from science based toys, a cafe sponsored by Waffle House (complete with diner and food), to a pretend farm. My one year old loved the 0-5 years of age section. It had another area inside of this section that was designated specifically for younger toddlers. Other areas included painting, a sand table, art projects, and music to name a few. There were also safety demonstrations at tables around the museum that were very informative, and to think I almost skipped visiting them. They showed everything from how to properly buckle a seatbelt, explained fire safety, electricity conduction, poison control and much more. There was so much to do that it is hard to pick a favorite event. However, we all enjoyed the singing Cowboy, complete with hat and guitar. If I had to give any advice, it would be to use the rain jackets provided at the water table and warn you that I would plan to be there for two hours at a minimum, preferably 3.

This is easily a museum that will keep the children entertained over several visits. We will definitely be doing this again!

To find out more about the Atlanta Children’s Museum and their discounts click here.

The Poison Control safety poster

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Update June 14, 2016:

Times have changed for the summer from 1pm -7pm. (Change is reflected above). This is great because you’re not leaving during rush hour. Also I have realized that there actually isn’t a line and an easier walk into the museum if you’re a couple hours late.


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