Wash those nasty hands!

That moment when the repair man asks to use your restroom, so you reluctantly say yes. He walks his dirty shoes all through your house in his route to the restroom. Then he returns awfully quickly, and while you’re unsure if he flushed, you’re positive you didn’t hear any water run. 

So you coyly say, “was there tissue and soap in there? We don’t usually use that restroom.” He pauses slightly, the same way your toddler does when weighing the consequences of her response.

 He hesitates and says, “uh, I don’t know, I didn’t look. I only went #1.”

Aaaww Man!! Come on!! You are repairing my refrigerator. I followed with Lysol wipes. Who does that? Hand washing is important whenever you use the restroom. Not under certain conditions. Do I have to be your Mama too? It’s bad enough to deal with two toddlers, a dog and a husband. 

On that note we’ll be taking Emergen-C out of shot glasses tonight. 

A mother’s job is never done!


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