Who are the real kids?

Recently my parents came to town. Great! Help, right?! Not so much. After a day of running around we planned for Monday to be my rest day, or at least I thought we all understood this.

However, after dealing with non-stop energy, I was informed by my parents that they were headed to take a ride. I left them to their own devices and gathered the children to eat. As I headed to my kitchen and looked out the window I saw my mom getting in the pool and my father with a half inflated floatation. I grabbed the pump to take it to him  and headed outside with kids in towe. 

“Thanks honey, I thought I was going to have to blow this up.” My dad said

“With what?”

I realized he was literally going to blow it up this huge flotation device with his mouth. 

“What happened to you guys taking a ride.”

“We decided to play in the pool.” My mom said.

And play they did, until they got cold and came in for their nap with the little ones. I quickly realized that they were not going to be any help, other than to tell me what I need to do. I had hoped to have no kids during their trip but instead gained 2 more adult kids. Oh boy!


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