FanFest at the Library

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 we went to FanFest at the pulic library in Columbus, GA. It was so much fun! 

Every corner of the library had something going on. From obstical courses, to puppet shows, to art projects. In fact, despite the amount of people, there was plenty of stuff to do and I didn’t feel as if I had to wait too long for anything in particular. People came dressed in costumes and there were selfie stations positioned everywhere in order to capture the festivities. I am always ready for a good selfie, however we did not get to take advantage of them this time; thanks to toddlers and their refusal to cooperate once we passed the nap time hour. All in all we enjoyed ourselves. We learned about a new historical museum coming to Columbus in 2018 and even won free prizes for the new Stars and Stripes. My only complaint would be the lack of food. 

We probably would’ve mosied around much longer. Although the library was full, it didn’t seem crowded. I wanted to watch the 90’s movie they had on, Space Jam, and might’ve done the adult coloring, if we didn’t get hungry. Sure the cotton candy and gourmet popcorn was yummy but Chic-fil-a ran out rather quickly. Toddler snacks could not do the trick this time. Disputes this caveat,  we stayed about 3 hours and then left just as the rain arrived. I think the highlight of the trip for me, was the kids obstical course, Sunshine had a ball running around, and if you ask Ladybug, it would be her face painting. Face Painting by Brittany was very efficient and fast. The line was long and I was discouraged but, I was assured by the lady in front of me that she moved quickly. Sure enough we zoomed through in no time. Matter of fact, I took a time-lapse video (below) thinking it would be a couple of minutes, when in fact it took seconds and I could’ve gotten away with a regular one.

 I can’t wait to attend the next event they have! This is one spot I can find something for all age groups. That reminds me, they have a magician performing at the main library tomorrow at 10:30am and 12pm. I better get some shut eye!


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