They’re Winning Today

As Ladybug pulls The Dog around in his bed, my little Sunshine takes the pot in and out of its designated hole in her sister’s potty while screaming. I look at myself in the mirror (who is that pitiful chick) and glance at the phone 11:30pm, no nap for the oldest and they are still going strong. I am ready to crash and they are definitely winning. It’s been one of those days! 

It started out amazing, right on time and to my schedule. We ate breakfast at home, both kids look cute and brushed their teeth and I even was able to apply my makeup in the car before driving off. I was becoming mom extraordinaire, slowly but surely, as the days passed. Being a stay-at-home mom and getting things accomplished is actually possible! Or so I thought as I mastered the first part of my day. However by the end of the day, it was getting rough. 

I walked in the door and told Ladybug to let The Dog out of his kennel. I was greeted with a foul odor. As I went to run the kids bath I realized he had pooped and puked. Great! What did he get into before we left. I put him outside and sprayed down the kennel and bedding. Next I washed him. The kids joined me on the porch for the show. However, the heat was getting rough and they were ready to go in. By the time I finished I had a crying 14-month old and an upset dog. However, I wrangled them into the bathroom to get ready for bed. 

While baths are easy in this house, going to bed is quite the challenge. As we prepared for bed the oldest magically got hungry. I took everyone out to the kitchen to get some food. As I warmed it in the microwave, the youngest (Sunshine) waddled past with various items. Is that my styling foam? Don’t use the pots as a drum. Where are you taking the dog food? Whatever, she’s happy and playing by herself. Then the oldest began her emotional tantrum. “Sunshine took my phone!” She eventually snatches it back and the little one screeches back in response, as if she was a dinosaur. I try to provide distractions, but I end up dumping them at the table. Ladybug begins crying about how she wants apple juice. I tell her that she can have water and then she continues to cry about it and changes her rant to how she wants her dad.

 As I glance at the clock, I decided to text my husband to get an eta. I looked out the window and realized he was outside headed to the mailbox to get the mail! So…20 minutes later, after talking to the neighbors, he walks in but I have finally calmed the caos. They run to their dad all smiles, while I looked frazzled and glaring in his direction.  If you only knew what I go through. The kids were feeding off of one another and very spirited after he arrived. “Remind me why we give them vitamins?” After I saw the dog catching a ride in his bed as Ladybug drug him around the house and Sunshine running behind laughing I knew it was time to get myself ready for bed and put an end to the caos. I slipped out to use the restroom and change and here they came running behind, calling…me! I quickly shut the door. My oldest starts talking to me under the crack as the youngest just yells, ” mama!” 

“Go away, I’m not opening the door!” I yell back.

“Why? I want you!”

“I want time alone” 


“Give me a few seconds”

Where is their dad? Of course I managed to get dressed and wrangled them into bed. However that’s when they decided they wanted to read more than two books. Nope! Not tonight. That’s when the giggling started. I accepted the fact that I was losing tonight and yelled to my husband to help get them under control. I just didn’t have it in me anymore. I laid down and soon heard the little one crawling next to me. Sure we’d be tired in the morning, and yet no one would sleep in, but I told myself the lie that I continue to chant as I closed my eyes for the next day. I’ll sleep in tomorrow and we’ll take a long nap. Hey a girl can dream!


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