Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut but, You’re Not.

Do I live in an ongoing scavenger hunt? Am I really loosing my marbles? Where are the items that I swore I had? I spend more time than necessary trying to figure out where my stuff is inorder to do my hair, get dressed, eat, get my keys, get my purse, leave the house. I literally am turning in circles more often than not. Why?!

It’s them not me! By them I mean the kids! I have noticed that no matter how much I try to organize and give everything a place, stuff continues to be in the wrong location, or I’m searching and retracing the rooms we were in to find things. I have to say two children are a particularly new challenge, in the sense that they can assist one another. For instance, Ladybug will climb the dresser to obtain an object and as soon as she puts it down, Sunshine will pick it up and relocate it. Now I have to figure out how things were even reached in order to be moved or if I really had them where I thought they were.

All I can do is take a moment to have that quiet time and hear my own voice. Only she can reassure me that I’m not loosing my marbles. In the meantime, they are taking them and running around with them in their mouth, metaphorically speaking, of course.


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