Stars and Strikes in Columbus, GA

This was a last minute adventure. I knew it was opening soon, but I really hadn’t done the research to know when. After leaving Launch, we headed to Stars and Strikes to see what was going on. I am no stranger to Stars and Strikes. They’ve been in Atlanta for some time now however, this facility is the nicest one I’ve been at yet. Go figure, this place is going to be the new “it spot”.

 What an event! At the entrance we were able to spin a wheel to win something (free bumper cars for us). Once we entered the door, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Paw Patrol was there to name a few of the characters running around. There’s a restaurant, big screen tvs, a bar, an option of VIP bowling (private section) or regular bowling, arcade, and laser tag to name a few. Since my kids were exhausted, I ended up at a lane ordering food and a drink and enjoying a game of bowling. There were other events happening in the facility, due to this being the opening weekend. 

I can’t go into detail about everything but, I will list some of the fun I saw:

  • Balloon animals
  • Face painting
  • Free ice cream
  • DJ with games to win more free things 
  • Fill out your survey and get a gift card for the arcade. 
  • Enrolling in the free VIP club for more discounts
  • An option to sign up the kids for 2 free games everyday this summer 

The food was pretty good as well. We ordered sweet chili wings and bbq pizza. However they had real dishes like tilapia and rice pilaf. 

Bowling is always fun for the kids. We all enjoyed ourselves however I am aware that a lot of the excitement geared towards the younger kids won’t be present after opening day. Due to this I will add the disclaimer that, this may not be the spot for younger toddlers (especially if there’s only one adult) because other than bowling, you’d have to do a little work to keep up with them. So it depends on the mood you’re in. I would definitely recommend the first or last lane for them. So it will be less work keeping them out of other people’s lanes since they have a tendency to wander. Our kids were given bumpers and a bowling ball roller to make it easier. Even the 1 year old enjoyed pushing the bowling ball down the roller.

This place was a lot of fun. There are specials every day of the week, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post them above. I can see this as a place where everyone in the family can have fun.

Whether you’re in Columbus or not, make sure you sign your kids up for the free bowling all summer. Two games a day. You don’t want to miss that!


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