Things I Wish I knew before going to LAUNCH Trampoline Park

Here in Columbus, GA, Front Porch of The South has been replaced with Stars & Strikes on one side and Launch on the other. I was eventually going to take the kids (1.5 & 3.5 years old) to Launch, however, I was concerned about the younger one getting trampled. I found out that on Saturdays from 10am -12pm is Toddler Time (kids 0-5years). So I thought it would be a great time to see what this place was all about.

Once I arrived, I quickly realized I should’ve done some research to make this trip easier on me, a mom with two small children. There were a few things I wished I knew, so I’m going to share them with you.

  1. You need a waver for everyone. You can do this online at I was told that the computers were having issues and that it would be easier to do it on my phone. So I wish I had done this at home,  without trying to do it on my phone while trying to keep up with my excited kids.
  2. You need a driver’s license number for the waver. So if you are doing it on location, and are like me and are trying to only bring in cash,  grab your license as well. 
  3. Admission $10 for two hours on toddler day. Usual admission $14/hr
  4. Grippy socks are $2.50. I’m no stranger to indoor fun places. So I figured I’d need socks. Apparently they have to be grip socks. Lucky me, I had the kids versions…yeh apparently they weren’t considered grip socks. The smallest size they had was a youth size 7. My kids wear a toddler 7 and toddler size 3. So I bought one for me and Ladybug and just put on Sunshine’s grippy socks once I got in. The socks were still big on Ladybug.
  5. Kids under 2 are free. (I was looking for this caveat when they said toddler time was for ages 0-5.) Adults are only free with a paying child, and a child under 2 years old is only free with either a paying adult or another paying child.
  6. Lockers cost $5. You pay for a lock on the locker and get $3 back when you return it.
  7. There are cubbies at the top near the tables that are free. Just don’t bring in anything too valuable. I was not informed of this when I was looking sideways about the lockers. I was so glad I didn’t get one.
  8. Your bracelet color indicates how long you can be there. They will announce when your time is up based on color and the employees are scattered  throughout the park. 
  9. If you are actually jumping with the kids, wear workout/comfortable clothes. You will break a sweat.

All in all, my 3 year old loved this park and it was a great alternative to her jumping on my bed. My 1&1/2 year old had fun in the areas that they threw balls around (1 on both sides of the park). However her balance isn’t good enough to really enjoy the jumping portion. I just kept her confined to a square and gave her a ball and she was happy. If we break down the expenses on the discount day it goes at follows:


  • $10-admission (a 3 year old toddler and adult, usually 14/hr)
  • Free-admission (1 year old)
  • $5-socks (2x$2.50 and it was supposed to be 3 for a total of $7.50)
  • Free-cubby (didn’t get $5 locker)

Equals $15 on discount day. 

It could’ve been as high as $26.50 for our first time there if I had purchased a locker, went on a regular day, and purchased all of the socks required. I don’t see myself doing this on a regular day while they’re so young. If I only had one child to keep up with or two adults it would be less work and more of a deal for me. I wouldn’t feel the need to stick to one area for Sunshine (the 1 year old). It also might be good option for older kids that you need to wear out, because my three year old jumped all over the place. They  both were definitely worn out when we left. However, I still headed to the Stars and Strikes opening.

UPDATE 4/20/17: Toddler Time is now every Sunday from 10am-12pm and every 1st and 3rd Friday 10:30am-12:30pm.


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