Runaway from Rent the Runway

My Rent the runway (RTR) experience was a disaster. Customer service was very polite and helpful at the beginning of this process. I was very excited about the dress I picked and even this whole rent a dress concept, since I rarely wear formal dresses twice. One thing I was disappointed in at the beginning, was that they couldn’t recommend a clutch to go with the outfit. The stylist hadn’t personally seen the dress and there weren’t any suggestions for a clutch in the suggested accessories. The true color of the dress was hard to pin point in pictures, due to the sequences, I relied heavily on reviews.

My event was scheduled for a Saturday evening. When I ordered my dress on the Saturday before the event, Friday was the earliest I could schedule for its arrival but, I wasn’t concerned since it was a late event on Saturday. On Wednesday prior to my event I realized my dress wasn’t shipped yet and I was concerned so I called RTR and they said that they were going to overnight the dress and that’s why there wasn’t any shipping information yet. On Thursday my dress said it was shipped at 11am and I felt confident it would arrive by Friday. Friday the shipping info said it was arrived at 8:44am and was being delivered. I sat and waited at home all day but, it didn’t arrive. When I called UPS they told me that they were busy and working late and that I should receive the package by 10:30pm. 

Original tracking information [/caption]

When I didn’t have the dress Saturday morning I called RTR at 9am but, they weren’t open (I’m on the east coast). So I called UPS again. This time I was told the dress was never on the truck because the truck leaves at 7am. They said that even though RTR sent the package info at 11am they didn’t receive the package until 6pm and they have to have it by 3pm for next day delivery. If I had known I could’ve picked up the package on Friday. However they aren’t open on the weekends and my dress was scheduled for delivery on Monday, the day I was supposed to return it. I was scheduled for hair and makeup and had to find time to shop for a dress. This event was very important, the Mayor’s Ball, and I don’t attend events like this often. I’m not sure how I can even begin to be compensated for the inconvenience short of being given the dress; and of course I don’t expect that. I eventually reached RTR and she said she would refund my money but there was no apology for the inconvenience, and I asked for the refund. There wasn’t an attempt to give me a credit or let me keep the pro membership free of charge or any real compensation in my eyes. They didn’t seem to care or empathize. I spent upwards of $300 on a dress and accessories to replace the one that didn’t arrive, when I was supposed to be getting my make up, nails and hair done etc. The customer service lady simply said, “I see what happened” and rerouted the package, so instead of coming to the house Monday it will go back to them, so I don’t even know what the dress looked like in person. Then she let me know I will get a refund once they received the package back. 

current tracking information[/caption]

I don’t even have the package. What does you receiving it have to do with my refund? I was so excited about this and it really was a wasted effort that caused me stress and without any ownership taken on their part. I can’t in good conscience recommend this service for anyone not near a RTR store, maybe that will be a different experience. This is a day I won’t be able to re-do. I definitely recommend they start shipping with Fed-ex, confirm arrivals for their products for weekend events and not risk overnight delivery to be received on Fridays (especially if they don’t have any kind of compensation or reimbursement for disappointed and inconvenienced customers).

Dress i wore thanks to my fabulous husband[/caption]

I’m so glad my husband had connections to help me out of this bind, plan B was the mall. I looked great but not the Award Winning, Show Stopper, Badgley Mischka dress and Crislu earrings I ordered. 


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