Help! “Too Hot to Play,” Says No Kid Ever!

We have reached the hot and humid days of summer and good old Georgia. While I would love to throw the kids outside as I sit there and do nothing that is no longer the case. So I’ve put together a few solutions from moms like me that need to run their children ragged but don’t want them to faint of dehydration or have a heat stroke. This is different from just keeping them busy, this is making them tired.

  1. The Mall with kids play areas
  2. Kid Fun Areas, i.e. Trampoline park, Catch air, etc
  3. Indoor pools
  4. Play dates
  5. Fast food play areas
  6. YMCA/Boys and Girl’s Club
  7. The library’s kid programs such as yoga

Feel free to add to my list in the comments below. I welcome the ideas!


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