A Welcome Home with The Little People 

After a long car ride I arrived home with the family. I grabbed a glass of wine and headed for my jacuzzi tub to sit with the jets on and candles lit, while I relaxed and unwound. That’s how it was supposed to go….

In actuality the wine was out. There were no lit candles and I jumped in the tub while it was still running as The Little People tried to follow me. As I turned on the jets and closed my eyes, I heard the sounds of one of The Little People asking me what I was doing? Clearly she knew, she know everything else. They continued to hang on the side, peering over my huge tub while calling my name and asking questions. Finally they noticed that I would not engage, as I was ignoring them and activating my imagination to obtain the relaxing moment I desired, the smallest of the two approached. Yes, she was quiet, yet clearly the leader of The Little People, as her eyes shined brightly and her lips smiled ever so slightly.  She proceeded to throw random items into the tub: a Minnie book, a scrubber, the cleaning towel. 

“Mommy I want to get in the tub with you” says the older one as she breaks from twirling around the room.

 I could no longer ignore the sounds of the freshly bathed children that wanted to, nevertheless, undress again and crash my bath. I gave up and asked for my towel, which they had slung on the other side of the bathroom…on the floor. 

“Mommy, the blue towel or the pink one.” 

There were in fact two towels on the floor. 

“The pink one please” 

“Mommy, why you want my towel?”

I looked blankly as I stood in the tub, with water dripping off of me. 

Yes, they are back to their original stomping grounds…and we’re home!


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