Make America Great

As I scroll the Internet, I realize there needs to be a bigger conversation in American about morality. No we shouldn’t have to teach our girls how to not be raped (in reference to an article I saw) just like we shouldn’t have to teach our black boys how to not be killed. That simple mindset that we can “make America great again” by feeding into stereotypes and assumptions, that thought process that people have a place and they need to know their place and stay there is belittling. Let’s not measure the value of ones life against another or hand out the list of what should’ve/could’ve been done. Can people live and can the people that wrong them be held accountable for their actions?That’s how we should begin these conversations. That’s how we reach new heights of greatness. Not being afraid to be honest with ourselves and face the truth. The victims are not the problem. The system that excuses, trivializes or reassigns blame for the crimes are.


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