Supermom or just a Stay-At-Home Mom?!

So there is nothing I can say except, today my day went as follows: 

5am– gave Sunshine Motrin to keep her ongoing fever at bay

9am– realized Sunshine still had a fever (day 3) proceeded to dress and feed both kids after scheduling an appointment. (shots were last week, can this be related to that? no can’t be)  

10am– gave myself a quick trim (I mean lightning fast) my ends were screaming we don’t belong, with long uneven strands and knots dangling from them, I knew that getting my hair washed and trimming it all at one time was impossible these days, and who really has time to detangle? Then dressed and pushed children to the door so that I could load the car.

11:15am– Doctor Appointment for Sunshine.

11:30am– she pooped and refused to sit on the scale with a dirty diaper. So I had to lay her down and then change her diaper immediately after; while her sister insistent that she needed to wash her hands.

11:40pm: waiting for Doctor while I try to coax Sunshine to eat.

12pm– We were finally seen (since I was worked into the schedule last minute). By this time Sunshine had began the process of trying to nurse to sleep, so she cried anytime the doctor touched her.

12:30pm– we had been told to wait it out and no meds were prescribed. Both kids were scheduled for their next wellness visits and we were headed to the car.

12:35pm– I found my keys at the bottom of my purse

12:45pm– we were back inside the doctors office while I waited for someone to find the doctor and tell me if Roseola is contagious (I forgot to ask). In fact it is while there’s a fever. Nice since Sunshine has prefered to steal Ladybug’s drinks instead of drinking her own. However this diagnosis could be speculation since we havent seen rashes, However the doctor said they are hard to see in darker complexioned kids. (I hope he knows because I don’t.)

1pm– I wake kids as I pull them out of their car seats and head inside the grocery store to grab meat and veggies for the homemade dog food (he only has one feeding left).

1:30pm– cart also has pizza, and quick foods in it (yeh I should’ve ate first)

1:40pm– I have just check out and am about to head for the door when Ladybug tells me that she needs to poop.

1:42pm– At the restrooms in the back of the grocery store 

1:43pm– I realize in my haste, I put the wrong child on the toilet. I quickly put the right child on it and take Sunshine to the changing table (since I threw out her dirty diaper immediately after taking it off).

1:45pm– I remember that the diaper in my purse was used at the doctor’s office and the extra diapers are in the car. I tell Sunshine not to pee.

1:46pm: Sunshine pees. (Thankfully she had on a dress that was up to her chest at this time. I wiped up the changing table and her and buttoned her clothes. “Let’s try this again. We have to make it to the car”

1:50pm: both kids have their clothes on, hands washed and are in the cart headed back to the front of the store. By the way, Ladybug did not poop.

2pm: kids are in their seats, Sunshine has a diaper on, grocery is loaded in the car. It is hot outside and I’m breaking a sweat, but have to return the cart to the cart return before I can get in the air conditioned car.

2:03pm– kids haven’t eaten! Going through McDonalds drive thru.

2:10pm– backing up out of the first line and getting in the 2nd drive through line (are they ordering for a team?)

2:15pm-finally headed home

2:30pm-kids unloaded 

2:35pm-lunches, purse, drink cups unloaded

2:45pm– kids eating, dog let out, realized grocery is still in the car

2:55pm– grocery unloaded, dog food recipe in the crockpot

3pm– about to sit down to eat, kids declare that they are done eating

3:05pm– start gathering outfits for the weekend visit at Grandma’s to see family that’s coming to town

3:06pm– Sunshine wants to be held because she is feeling badly. 

3:08pm– Sunshine in sling (I currently can’t find Ergo or K’tan and don’t want to make her sweat any more in the hot Moby). I try to continue throwing a bag together with one free hand (bending is nearly impossible with a sling). 

3:09pm– Ladybug is chanting mom as she tries to get me to put on her new watch from her kid’s meal.

3:12pm– I respond when I realized I couldn’t move quickly with her following me saying “mom, mom, mom…”

3:13pm– I start gathering outfits for the next 2days.

3:14pm– Ladybug returns because she can’t get her watch to work.

3:19pm– I tell her it’s broken and turn on My Little Pony 

3:21pm– Dad calls. He quickly realized I was trying to multitask and “lets me go”

3:25pm– I lay Sunshine down

3:30pm– Ladybug has started yelling the mom chant again 

3:45pm– I’ve gathered night clothes, outfits, diapers, undies & wipes, back up outfits, snacks and food a for 2hr ride and the weekend, drink cups. Motrin and Benadryl and thermometer (for Sunshine), toothbrushes, hair bows and hair products, shoes, toys (for the ride), my phone and charger, keys, and purse.

3:46pm– Sunshine wakes up 

3:55pm– every one and everything is in the car, dog is locked up, but the stupid alarm app wants me to set it up again 

3:56pm– I give Sunshine another dose of Mortin and realize I could’ve done that an hour ago. text my husband to set the alarm. He wants to make sure we’re stopping by the office before we head to his moms house (he is working all weekend).

4:15pm– hubby comes out of office to see us off. Ladybug has fallen asleep and sunshine is singing. He gives me a glass of water. This is nice, since I haven’t drank any water yet today, and I ate about 2 chicken nuggets (and I dont eat McDonalds).

4:20pm– I realize we’ll be in rush hour but I’m hoping it will almost be over. I forgot to pack the watch my friend left at the house. Oh well, they’ll have to get it next time. Maybe I’ll remember to mail the watch when I get home…probably not.

4:25pm– sister callS

4:28pm– Sunshine is crying because Ladybug is asleep. So I hold Sunshine’s hand with my right hand and drive with the left. (She immediately stops crying)

4:35pm– Sunshine is asleep, thank goodness my arm was going numb (I must’ve over extended my brachial plexus. I cant help thinking in medical terminology. I worked in it for over 10years) 

5pm– mom calls and I assure her I’m not avoiding her

5:50pm– Ladybug and Sunshine are awake. 

6pm-I’m stuck in slow traffic on 285, there’s been an accident. Sunshine starts whining. Then Ladybug starts whining because Sunshine won’t stop whining. 

6:40pm– arrive at Mother-in-law’s (MIL) house (she’s at nail shop with bonus daughter)

7pm– kids, food and bags unloaded. I start to text hubby that we’ve arrived when Ladybug says she’s pooped her pants 

7:01pm– cleaning Ladybug while keeping Sunshine from playing on the stairs or around the toilet

7:15pm– feeding kids. No one wants what’s on their plates. Sunshine’s eating her sisters nuggets, Ladybug wants macaroni, Sunshine wants Ladybugs macaroni. Ladybug wants spaghetti…

7:20pm– everyone’s satisfied with their plates

7:25pm-I’m informed they’re done eating 

7:30pm– running bath water for kids

7:40pm– kids in tub

7:43pm– realized Aunt flow has come to visit me for the 3rd time in a year. I forgot she’s back. (Breastfeeding gave me the luxury of forgetting about her). I asked MIL to stop by the store.

8pm– everyone is dressed for bed. 

8:15pm– I attempt to eat until I spot a huge spider on the floor. A HUGE spider!

8:16pm– spider successfully captured under a cup for someone else to kill

8:30pm- I’m watching the cup,  that now has a plate over it. Sunshine is trying her best to get to it.

9:15pm- MIL and bonus daughter arrive home

After everyone arrived home, It was all a blur of killing the spider, kids eating, kids playing, kids whining, and kids being put/sent to bed. unfortunately I wasn’t at home so I had to do this whole day sober and caffeine free! It brings new meaning to that verse, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” Phillipians 4:13


9 thoughts on “Supermom or just a Stay-At-Home Mom?!

  1. queenquinne37

    Wow! People really do underestimate us stay at home moms. We go through a lot throughout the day. I’ll say being a stay at home mom is a super mom. How old are your daughters?

      • queenquinne37

        Aww. I love the age 3. My son will be 3 in February and I have a daughter who will be 1 in November. I’m excited because mine is November 5 and hers is the 11th. But I love your blogs.

      • queenquinne37

        Yes it really does. Those are very interesting and funny times. Aww November babies! Lol when did your oldest started talking? I’m wondering if my little will start before she’s 1 or not

      • charityis

        The youngest, my sunshine, said her first work before one. She didn’t really start talking until after a year. The older one, Ladybug, was communicating with sign so she didn’t talk much either. I think it depends on their personality. If they babble a lot, they’ll probably talk sooner.

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