Cold Lunch ideas

School has started and we used August to get back in the swing of things. I will have a “things to do” for September coming out next weekend. In the meantime I want to talk about lunches. I was informed by a teacher, that it can be difficult when a young child has a lot of containers that they need assistance with. Why? There can be one teacher to about 20 or more kids in the lunchroom. I never even considered that. Even if your child isn’t in a lunch room, if you have preschooler like mine, they still want to do everything on their own. 

I like to use Bento boxes for lunches. Everything is separated (like Lunchables). It also ensures that the little ones can look at everything in one glance, as they choose what to eat first. I bought my Frozen themed Bento boxes from Dollar Tree a while back. 

Unfortunately, I can’t find them anymore except for EBay. However, they do have a plain plastic lunch container that will get the job done. Make sure if you throw plastic wear from the Dollar Tree in the dishwasher, you turn off the heated dry.  It is all BPS free. 

I also use the two-in-a-pack animal snack containers, that come with a matching spoon. These are at the Dollar Tree and have a sealed but easy pull off lid for things like applesauce, yogurt or jello. 

Unfortunately, I can’t find everything online that I found in the store. Be sure to search your local Dollar Tree in person.

Below I have attached a good reference for lunch ideas. Click the link below, for those of you that need inspiration for lunches & let me know what works for you this year. 

No Sandwich Lunches


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