Kids in the Sanctuary

Today at church, I was that mom that brought the kids in the sanctuary instead of taking them to children’s church.

Soon my 3 year old was no longer occupied by drawing on the program. Fortunately, after she told me that she couldn’t whisper, because she was talking to her friend, I was able to hand over my phone to quiet her talking. Then my one year old began yelling, “Mom, Mom!” Okay, no problem. Yes, they were tag teaming me but I stuck a snack in her mouth and she quieted immediately…well for a little while. 

I felt proud of myself, until she became restless again. I went to my fail-proof solution, nursing. Lately I have become the pacifier and  it has left me a bit annoyed at times, but today I  really wanted to hear the rest of the message.  She immediately started nursing and I was giving myself a mental high-five when…my child started blowing zerberts on my breast. Maybe it was by accident. She did it again ! No it was on purpose. I gave up and stepped out of the sanctuary.

All in all, they could’ve been worse, like screaming. As a kid I had to learn how to sit in church and pay attention. While I will utilize the children’s ministry, it will not be my only option. I believe if we want kids to learn how to act in certain situations. We have to put them in these scenarios in order to teach the proper behavior.


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