Sometimes being a mom is being unseen. Actually a lot of times. I’m pretty sure the only people that really see me is the nursing baby and my (road) dog. You learn to balance the caos, whether effectively or not, people only see the end results. No one sees how long it took to dress, feed, and get them out of the house. No one knows the thought that goes into: 

  • balancing play time 
  • education
  • outdoor time 
  • keeping them from hurting themselves 
  • extracurricular activities
  • teaching self worth and empathy
  • feeding a balanced diet
  • teaching and letting them figure it out
  • loving them and loving yourself 
  • learning to say no without actually saying no.

 To name a few. Keep trucking on moms. We may seem like supermom but often we don’t feel that way. We feel like Louise Laine doing her and Kent’s job of saving the world. The end result of our work is our children, and that’s what really matters.


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