Easter Egg Hunt

Today we decided to head to the Library to attend their Easter Egg Hunt. I took both children to the restroom kicking and screaming, then we patiently waited for the event to start…well as patient as you can with eggs poking through the books.

 Right before it was about to begin, my two year old insisted on going to the restroom. I didn’t have any choice at this point, but to encourage her potty training efforts. I told my four year old to grab as many eggs as she could. As I went to change the two year old, I realized I used the last diaper, and Ladybug was still in the children’s section; so we did the only thing we could do, we joined the crowd (I mean only I’d know she was commando). That is until, they sat down to count eggs at the end and, Chipmunk threw her hands behind her back and sat spread eagle. Even I had forgotten about the absent pullup by this time. At least Ladybug racked up on eggs, I have no idea how she grabbed

 so many alone.  As for Chipmunk, thankfully, a mom I knew passed us and gave me a diaper. I’m sure she could tell I was ready to go, when my 4 year old decided to play my chest like a set of bongos, as we were talking.

 All in all we had a great time! Another day at the library!


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