Visit from the Easter Bunny

Our neighbor’s. the ones that decided to release their bunnies into “the woods”, bunnies had babies…in our yard. We were standing at the window watching a squirrel and a bunny play.

 “We can’t let the dog out, he’ll hurt the babies”.

“Yeh, but i don’t want them to eat mu garden”

As we were talking about what to do my husband said, “there’s another one!” All of a sudden a person walked by the window. The dog in towe! “When did the kids get outside!

Once we shuttled them back inside, I asked the 4 year old why she let the dog and her sister outside? She said, “We wanted to see a bunny up close and pet him!” 

“Well Snoopy ran them off instead.”

Now I have to find them, catch them, etc…


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