Don’t Throw Away the Roses: Rose Water

My Mother’s Day flowers are wilting and, if you’re like most of us, you’re  ready to toss them in the trash. But wait! Not so fast, don’t toss these fragrant beauties. I’m going to tell you how to make rose water instead. Did you know rose water is known for its healing properties? It’s great for the skin and hair, fighting acne, dry scalp, and giving shiny hair. Besides a spritz or rinse, you can also make a toner, oil, cook with it, the possibilities are endless. 

There are multiple ways to make rose water but I’m going to give you the simplest version. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, if you want to take it one step further and don’t want the water to take on the rose color, or if you want the most concentrated form, feel free to Google for these options. 


Rince your petals. Place your water in a glass or stainless steel pot, cover your roses with equal parts of water or until the petals are covered (the more water the less concentration but also account that it will boil down). Cover and low bowl or simmer until the roses lose their color. That’s it! Place in a spray bottle and use! Refrigerate to make it last longer. The general consensus is tgta it will last about a week. I will let you know. I had two dozen roses, so I am trying the remaining petals to use later.  Below is a good tutorial on what I did.

If you are interested in the other techniques of how to make it and what to do with rose water, click here

Let me know how it turned out for you!


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