Things you have to take advantage of at the Public Library

STEAM KITS: Amazing!! Full of activities, lesson plans, books, games. A duffle bag of endless possibilities. They almost make me believe homeschooling could be a piece of cake.

Check out time: 2 weeks

Renewals allowed:1

LAUNCHPADS: They have these great tablets that are loaded with games geared towards a specific topic and age group. Reading, science, music and more. These are also awesome when heading on a road trip.

Check out time:1 week

Renewals: N/A but you can get a days grace period if you call.

CHECK OUT PASSES: This is one of my favorite perks of the library. So you don’t have the money to visit some of the Atlanta museums? It’s ok, head to the library and take advantage of the FREE passes! These include Go Fish, Museum of Puppetry Arts, Zoo Atlanta, and GA State Parks Pass. There’s even a new one this year for a history museum called Michael C. Carlos Museum.

Check out time: varies
Renewals: N/A

PROGRAMS: There is something for everyone. We have seen authors speak, magicians, African drummers, the Columbus Orchestra, Family Art projects, Storytimes, Children’s programs (with a theme, books, music and art projects), Spanish, Sign Language, Chess, Coloring & Coffee, Gardening, Book Club’s, Festivals and more. If there isn’t a program for you, there will be. Keep checking back, and don’t forget the different branches offer different things. So check all of the calendars for the surrounding locations!


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