Good morning potty training

Last night Chipmunk was struggling to poop. She’s potty trained (or so I thought) but at, not even, 2 and a half I heard I may have to watch for constipation. So this morning I have her activia and watermelon and green juice. Well all of a sudden she yells “mommy, I have to go potty!” I see her tensing up, so I say “are you pooping?” She shook her head yes. As I came around my bed to grab her, I said “on my floor?” She shakes her head yes. And yes huge terd was on my floor at 8:30 this morning, she had taken her panties off. I stuck her on the toilet and then put her in the tub. Then she stood up and peed. This mom thing is a job that no one can prepare for. Well TGIF! (Whatever that means to a mom)


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