Fun After the Storm Sept 15 and 16

Well we survived a Tropical Storm and the emotional yoyo of the Hurricane warnings. Time to have some fun. If ever there was a time to let things blow over, now is the time. Below is a list of some fun waiting to be had this weekend. Enjoy your families and count your blessings.

Thursday (9/14):

5pm-7pm Columbus Ice Rink

When: weekly

Cost: $3 for skating and rentals

Location: 400 4th St Columbus, GA

FB Page:

Phone: (706) 225-4500

FRIDAY (9/15):

7pm-Concert series (Prince songs)

Cost: Free

Location: Uptown Columbus on Broadway. 1000 Block between 11th and 10th

More info:

FB Event Link:

SATURDAY (9/15):

  • 10am to 4pm- Columbus Children’s Book Festival

Cost: Free

Location: Columbus Public Library

3000 Macon Road Columbus, GA 31906

More info:

FB Event Link:

  • 12pm to 10pm- Tri-City Latino Festival

Cost: Free

Location: Civic Center 400 4th St Columbus, GA

More info:

FB Event Link:

Don’t forget:

  • Saturdays: Toddler time at launch trampoline Park (5yrs and under)

$10 for child and parent. Bring socks or check out my post on being prepared for your first trip here.

FB page-


Phone: (706) 221-8680

  • SEPT 16, 2017- JAN 17, 2018

Rural American Exhibit opens in Tifton at Georgia’s Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village

More info here-

  • Oct 5th-Perry Fair (military free October 9th)


Peppa pig affect

My youngest rolls a travel bag behind her. Amused I ask,” where are you going?”

Chipmunk(2yrs) replies, ” I’m going on holiday.”

“What? You’re taking a vacation?”

Chipmunk, “I’m going on holiday.”

Hmm wonder where she learned that?

Later that day…
Ladybug(4yrs): Mommy, the postman is outside.
Me: who? The mailman?

Ladybug: the postman!

I soon learned as I heard Peppa pig blaring on the tv where they were learning their vocabulary.

We live in the South, my kids speak proper English mixed with the Queens English, and some Southern vocabulary. Does this count as being multilingual?

Prepare for Hurricane Weather

School is canceled and it’s time to get ready. While you may not get the actual hurricane (and can bypass boarding up the windows), you may get the tropical storms, excessive winds, rain, flooding, power outages, falling trees, limbs etc. My husband says I’m expecting the worse, my motto is “better safe than sorry”. So here is a starter list to keep you prepared.

**update as of Sept 9, 2011 (via public notice posted on the Columbus Consolidated Page), the Mayor of Columbus is asking residents to stay off of the road starting Sunday at 11pm to Monday. As of Sept 10th, they have changed that to 4am on Monday.**


It’s been selling out quickly. Fill up all of your cars. You might need the power even if you don’t evacuate.


Yes you can buy drinking water, and/or freeze or refridgerate a few pitchers. Another option is to fill the tubs with water in case you need it later (to drink, wash, use to flush). **government suggesting you have at least 2 days supply of water**

Protect your valuables

Put them in the dishwasher. It’s waterproof. Another option is in the highest place in the house in waterproof bags.


For flashlights, kids toys, radios.

Charge devices

Charge your phone’s, iPad, tablets and any other forms of communication and entertainment.

Car chargers

If your power goes out you can always use your car to charge anything that has a car adapter (since you have a full tank).

Food Ideas

**if you receive food stamps, Georgia has released them early, to help residents prepare.**

  • Buy cans with tabs or get a manual can opener (if yours is electric).
  • Protein: Tuna, beef jerky, beans
  • Fruit: fruit cocktail, canned peaches, bagged oranges and apples
  • Canned: greens, soup, beans, veggies, tomatoes
  • Packaged: ramen noodles, drinks, bread, string cheese, crackers, granola bars, cheeze its/goldfish, graham crackers, peanut butter, jelly
  • Other: raw carrots, raw or canned potatoes (they last a little while.

Secure the yard
Move anything light (no airborne objects), move garbage cans, chairs kids toys, inside or secure them. Use a bungee cord to secure your grill to the deck. Check for loose or hanging tree limbs that should be cut. Throw pool chairs in the pool.

Plan B

Have a meet up place/person if you get seperated. Worse case scenario, you know where to find one another or who to contact.

Kit placement

Keep the first aid kit, the flashlights, radios, entertainment, batteries, blankets in the room that will be the “huddle room”. The room with no windows and most central in the house or have them in a bin. This way there isn’t any need to relocate things, but if there is everything’s together.

Stay informed

Hurricane evacuees

(Shelters, about the area)

Get resources/INFO

Information and referals dial 211 for United Way.

Evacuees by texting “IRMA 17” to the number 898211.

Columbus residents text their zipcode and needs to 898212

Trees down or sewage backed up dial 311

Volunteer-call the Red Cross 706-323-5614


Local news:

Stream news

Columbus, GA government page

Check Muscogee School District

(A decision on Tuesday has not been determined yet)

**this thread will be continually updated with information

Stay safe!

Free books in GA 0-5 yrs

If you live in GA, your child is eligible for a free book every month until they turn 5 through the Ferst Foundation. Certain counties can register online here. Everyone else must register via E-mail at or call at 888-565-0177.

My children love getting mail with their names on it every month. The books also include a sheet with a suggested art or science project, age appropriate questions for the stories, vocabulary words, a couple of local things happening in your area, etc. This is a great way to encourage the love of reading, without occurring any additional costs.

Solar Eclipse 2017

If you’re looking for the best view of the Solar Eclipse on August 17, 2017. Here are a couple free places in Columbus GA to watch.

AT Your Local Library:

Free viewing glasses at all of the Columbus Public Libraries.

  • Columbus Public Library Auditorium (10am-5pm): Footage of the eclipse
  • Mildred Terry Library (11am-4pm): crafts
  • Columbus Public Library Teen Department (3:30pm-4:30pm): Activities

If you are outside of Columbus, GA. Check your local library to see if they are participating as well.

At The Science Museum:

The Columbus State Coca-Cola Science Museum from 1pm -4pm.

Free coverage of multiple locations in the theater and telescopes set up outside. They will help kids make a pinhole projector with 2 sheets of paper.

More interesting facts here

Watch at home at:


Be sure to take precautions and don’t look directly at the Eclipse with the naked eye. They should be ISO glasses only, to avoid damage to your eyes.

Another option, instead of looking up, is to make a pinhole projection to view the solar eclipse.

(CSU Coca-Cola Science Museum at CSU Library)

Watch a closer version of this pinhole viewer tutorial on their Facebook page, at the link below.

Things to know:

  • This will only be a total eclipse (blackout) if you’re on the line of totality.
  • In Columbus it will be a partial eclipse at 92%
  • We won’t see another one for a while.
  • Muscogee school district, and most others are releasing the kids early while others in Georgia are releasing later. Check your school district.
  • If you have eclipse glasses the only thing you should be able to see is the sun.
  • Even cameras and telescopes need a solar filter.
  • It will last from about 1pm to 4pm. However the best time to see it is about 2:37pm in Columbus.

Find out more about times. The best area to be in Georgia, a list of Atlanta viewing locations and what to expect, start by clicking below.

See how dark it will get in your area and if it will be a total or partial eclipse in your part of GA.

Type in your zipcode:

See more about your area:

See a simulated eclipse

From The Weather Channel Android App:

Don’t Judge Me

I see you looking at me.

I’m the mom who is walking,

with the child that’s mismatched and that won’t stop talking.

Yeh I know she looks special and you’re wondering outloud,

“who’d dress her like that,”

is she your child.

Well the truth is she dresses herself and knows what she wants.

I wouldn’t wear it, but hey she’s ready to flaunt

I’m acting like I don’t see

Don’t judge me

Yes she’s in a bathing suit with rainboots,

ok she’s wearing long sleeves,and its 90 degrees,

Sure her hair is a mess,

and she’s wearing pajamas, like she’s fully dress

Yes I noticed the socks she has on are bright green,

and I realize her pants are busting at the seems.

yes socks are paired with her dress shoes

and if you haven’t figured out by now, I did let her choose.

The bows in her hair are as colorful as her toes and she bringing out Minnie to see a free show.

She’s changed her outfit not once or twice, but we’re on three

Don’t judge me

You have no idea what our morning was like,

I barely made it out of the house and I didn’t want to fight

So she’s wearing the same outfit two days in row

and she’s dressing like Minnie and out the door we go.

She has her head held high and she smiling from ear to ear,

and sure I’d love her to match but look we made it here.

Don’t judge me

you look at me crazy and wonder how it could be
that I let my child walk out the door, as such a sight.

I realize you don’t have a toddler that’s styling herself in the mornings, waking up during the nights.

while you may have a child, how we quickly forget,

the struggle that comes after the terrible twos when they seem to know all of it.

How I’d love to explain that my day’s been insane,

how I rushed out the house with two toddlers in the rain.

How I had to eat fast food to get here on time,

and I carried them both as I stood in that line.

You don’t understand the meaning of the crying and tears that you hear,

one Is sleepy and the other has pain in her ears.

I did notice you whisper not knowing where I’m heading,

sure I’m flying alone, I’m off to see to my sister get wedded.

So keeps your thought to yourself, your stares in your head, and your opinions and advice can remain left unsaid.

Unless you’re lending a hand or a kind word or three, Let me tell you again, simply,

“don’t judge me”.

Good morning potty training

Last night Chipmunk was struggling to poop. She’s potty trained (or so I thought) but at, not even, 2 and a half I heard I may have to watch for constipation. So this morning I have her activia and watermelon and green juice. Well all of a sudden she yells “mommy, I have to go potty!” I see her tensing up, so I say “are you pooping?” She shook her head yes. As I came around my bed to grab her, I said “on my floor?” She shakes her head yes. And yes huge terd was on my floor at 8:30 this morning, she had taken her panties off. I stuck her on the toilet and then put her in the tub. Then she stood up and peed. This mom thing is a job that no one can prepare for. Well TGIF! (Whatever that means to a mom)