That moment your kids figure out the dog goes crazy when they ring the doorbell. So they do it again, and again, and again….#wine please. But you know what? No one bothered me for that 5 mins. #charityisblog 

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we decided to head to the Library to attend their Easter Egg Hunt. I took both children to the restroom kicking and screaming, then we patiently waited for the event to start…well as patient as you can with eggs poking through the books.

 Right before it was about to begin, my two year old insisted on going to the restroom. I didn’t have any choice at this point, but to encourage her potty training efforts. I told my four year old to grab as many eggs as she could. As I went to change the two year old, I realized I used the last diaper, and Ladybug was still in the children’s section; so we did the only thing we could do, we joined the crowd (I mean only I’d know she was commando). That is until, they sat down to count eggs at the end and, Chipmunk threw her hands behind her back and sat spread eagle. Even I had forgotten about the absent pullup by this time. At least Ladybug racked up on eggs, I have no idea how she grabbed

 so many alone.  As for Chipmunk, thankfully, a mom I knew passed us and gave me a diaper. I’m sure she could tell I was ready to go, when my 4 year old decided to play my chest like a set of bongos, as we were talking.

 All in all we had a great time! Another day at the library!

April 9th Atlanta

SUNDAY (April 9)What: Family Fun Day

Where: Woodruff Arts Center 
When: Every Sunday 1-4pm
Cost: Free

What: Abracadabra! Every Day Magic 
(Interactive math and science exhibit )
Where: Gwinette Environmental Center (Exhibit Created by Children’s Museum of Ohio)
Cost: There is a charge for all over 2 yrs (see link below)
When: Ends April 30th

What: Dogwood Festival 
Where: Piedmont Park
When: 10am-6pm
Cost: free admissions. Wristbands and food for purchase 

TUESDAY (April 11):
Where: Children’s Museum 
Cost: Free after 1pm
When: 2nd Tuesdays
What: Autism Awareness Month


Another day in the twilight zone, known as Columbus. There are 2 rabbits in my backyard. I call the neighbor and she nonchalantly tells me how she tried to give them away and release them into the woods (there are trees behind our house that lead to other houses and a street). “They keep having babies”. No kidding Sherlock. Needless to say we have to try to shoo them next door. (More like chasing them around the yard). Now my kids are asking me why I’m trying to get rid of their bunnies. 😞 Mom’s solution “I know how to make rabbit stew”. 🤤 “ummm no!”

Dr Seuss Day

Columbus, GA

Today is Dr Seuss’s Birthday. NORTH Columbus Library has a celebration at 4 and the Mildred Library has one at today.
Jonesboro, GA
Jim Huie recreational center is having a free event. Food, fun, and free. March 3rd 6pm-8pm 

Story Time Sat Feb 25, 2017

columbus, GA

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Storytime

Special Event, Children’s Event, Storytime (Childrens) 
Saturday February 25, 2017 11:00 AM Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! In celebration of the beloved author’s birthday on March 2nd, we will host a special Storytime featuring coloring, activities and more. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled Storytime! 

Find out what’s happening at your local Barnes & Noble by clicking the link amd inserting your zipcode!!